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Horizontal Broaching

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Horizontal broaching refers to the type of machine that is used to broach a piece part. The horizontal machine has the power cylinder and the machine body oriented horizontally, with the broach being pulled through or past the piece part. Some past manufacturers of horizontal broaching machines include: Acme, American, Colonial and Oil Gear. While most horizontal broaching machines are hydraulically operated, some also use electro-mechanical, pneumatic, and mechanical power.

Although horizontal broaching is used primarily to cut internals; external slots, shapes, and forms can also be cut with the proper tooling and fixturing package.

Horizontal broaching machines are typically used to cut internal shapes and forms, such as keyways and squares. However, they can also be tooled to cut external slots and forms.

horizontal broaching horizontal broach tooling horizontal broach horizontal broaches

Horizontal broaching machines were the first machines to be developed, and are still the most widely used today. Horizontal broaching is typically used to cut straight-sided internal shapes and forms. A primary example of this would be cutting a keyway in a pulley or gear.

V W Broaching Service has a wide variety of horizontal broaching machines, each machine distinguished by its stroke – which defines the length of cut – and its power – which defines the size of cut the machine is able to make.

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