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V W Broaching Service was founded in 1955 by George W. Roschman, in a small basement rental space in the heart of Chicago. By 1958, when it was incorporated in the State of Illinois, V W was one of the premier providers of broaching services in the Midwest, and quickly acquiring customers nationwide.

Along with traditional horizontal broaching machines, designed to cut square-sided shapes into internal forms, V W rapidly built its machinery inventory to include vertical-ram, continuous-chain, and high-speed broaching machines - capable of competing favorably with the milling process on all types of external forms as well.

By 1959 V W had outgrown its small quarters and acquired its current 54,000 square foot building in Chicago. Today V W continues under the leadership of Russell Roschman and Georgiann (Dytrych) Roschman, providing the same personalized service, and utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

For more than 50 years V W Broaching Service has provided precision machining services for a wide variety of clients from the smallest shops to the largest of corporations. We've worked on parts for every imaginable industry - biomedical, automotive, home appliances, hand tools, government, consumer goods. You name it, we've helped produce it.

V W Broaching, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is one of the largest specialty machine shops in the Midwest. We have over sixty machines in our 54,000 square foot plant, including all forms of broaching machines, keyseaters, vertical shapers, and an entire department devoted to Wire EDM. V W has also become one of the premier fabricators of broach tooling, and has a staff of in-house broach designers and toolmakers to quickly respond to your tooling needs.

Known in the industry for the high quality of our work, we stand behind what we do. V W appreciates the investment you've made in your parts, and our goal is to protect and enhance that investment.

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