Metal Disintegration Machining

EDM Disintegration

What is Metal Disintegration?

Metal Disintegrating is the historical precursor to what is now known as electrical discharge machining, or EDM. It uses the same physical concept as EDM. An electrically charged electrode tool is lowered close to the workpiece to be machined, creating an arc, which effectively erodes material in the desired shape and travel of the tool.

The electrode never touches the workpiece, but rather performs its cutting by electrical erosion. This type of electrical discharge machining is now referred to as ‘ram’, ‘plunge’ or ‘sinker’ EDM.

Although V W Broaching Service specializes in Wire EDM disintegration, and does not have a department dedicated to plunge EDM, we do provide disintegrating services. Disintegration is appropriate for rough cutting of internal holes that have been inadvertently blocked. An example of an application for disintegration would be a workpiece in which a hardened tool bit, such as a drill, has been broken off while attempting to drill a hole in a workpiece. Our disintegration machines would be able to remove the bit without damaging the workpiece. Disintegration services are not appropriate for highly precise work, or for machining shapes or forms.

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