Blind Broaching

What is Blind Broaching?

Blind broaching refers to the machining of a piece part in which the broaching tool is unable to, because of the design of the part, pass completely through or completely past the part. The broach therefore must cut into a ‘blind’ cavity of some sort.

At V W Broaching Service, we perform all types of blind broach operations, from the most simple ‘punching’ of a square shape into a round hole, to more complex forms involving multiple passes and many successive tools. An example of a blind broaching operation would be the cutting of an internal hexagon or spline into a headless setscrew. Designing the tooling for, and executing the process of blind broaching is very much an art reserved for the most experienced of craftsmen.

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blind broaching

blind broach

Blind Broaching Resources

  • 6 blind broaching machines
  • 3 multiple station (turntable) machines capable of automatic or semi-automatic loading
  • 15 ton maximum cutting power
  • 36 inch maximum cutting length
  • The ability to cut virtually any machinable material, including stainless steel, plastic, magnesium and powdered metal
  • In-house tooling department capable of fabricating, sharpening and reconditioning the tools necessary to perform blind broaching

Blind Broaching Services

  • Very often the only method of cutting slots, shapes and forms on certain piece parts
  • Considerably more cost-effective and faster than plunge EDM
  • Guided rams allow for precise cutting tolerances
  • Can be tooled with multiple-stage broaches in order to produce complex internal forms, with virtually no limitations

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