Electrical Discharge Machining Services

For breakdowns, small quantities, hardened material, or complex forms in large quantities, V W Broaching provides in-house Electrical Discharge Machining Services. Utilizing CAD to design the precise path taken by a conductive wire, one of our EDM machines can be up and running on your job in minutes - with no tooling costs! Our state-of-the-art Mitsubishi machines provide extremely precise work, with tolerances held to within .0002.

Electrical Discharge Machining Finishes

Electrical Discharge Machining finishes are superb - down to RMS 12 on most materials; and any conductive material can be cut, including hardened and exotic materials. Using both non-submerged and submerged cutting technology, we have tapering capability for conical or isometric radii and shapes.

The Electrical Discharge Machining Division of V W Broaching Service takes pride in our ability to turn your problem parts around quickly - very often within 24 hours!

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