High Speed Broaching

What is High Speed Broaching?

High speed broaching is usually employed to cut smaller parts, and can compete quite favorably with the milling process, while still holding extremely close tolerances.

V W Broaching Service has a wide variety of high speed broaching machines, each machine distinguished by its stroke, speed, power, and loading mechanism.

high speed broaching

high volume broaching

What Are The Advantages of High Speed Broaching?

  • Fastest method of broaching available
  • Competes very favorably with milling
  • Loading and cutting can be fully automated, making for an extremely economical process
  • Tooling can be modular in design, allowing for variations of the same basic cutting pattern
  • Very often can be tooled to cut two or more parts simultaneously

High volume broaching refers to the type of machine that is used to broach a piece part. A high speed broaching machine is simply a vertical surface broaching machine, in which the ram typically has less mass, less stroke, and has a smaller length of cut.

In reducing the mass of the machine, ram, and associated fixtures, the ram is able to travel at much greater speeds. While typically used to cut external slots, shapes and forms, internals can also be cut. These machines adapt well to high volume production. Contact us for to learn more about our high volume broaching services.

High Speed Broaching Resources

  • 19 high volume broaching machines
  • 48 inch maximum cut length (in one pass)
  • 12 ton maximum cutting power
  • In excess of 30 complete cycles per minute on many machines
  • In-house tooling department, capable of fabricating, sharpening and reconditioning your tools, to preserve tool integrity and longevity
  • The ability to cut virtually any machinable material, including stainless steel, plastic, magnesium and powdered metal

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