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VW Broaching Service has the expertise, the experience and the equipment to produce high-quality tooling and fixtures to broach a wide variety of external slots and forms. Complex external slots and forms can be produced on nearly any kind of material with tooling designed by V W Broaching’s experienced broach engineers and expert tool makers.

V W Broaching Service also has the equipment to perform external broaching services. With more than 60 horizontal, vertical, high-speed, and continuous chain broaching machines in a 54,000 square foot facility, V W Broaching Service has the resources, capabilities and capacity to complete high-volume production work.

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What is external broaching?

External slot broaching uses a cutting tool designed with teeth that are engineered progressively to the configuration on the outside of the part.

External broaching can be accomplished through Horizontal or Vertical Broaching. Horizontal and vertical broaching pulls or pushes the broach through or past the part in order to achieve an external cut. External broaching slots and forms is best used on softer metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel, but some broaching machines are also equipped to work with carbon fiber and plastic.

External broaching services is intended to quickly and efficiently produce large quantities of heavily used, precision components. Broaching is the fastest way to effectively remove material from a part or product. Broaching is more efficient and economical than CNC machining, turning or milling, which is a slower, more cumbersome process that can vastly degrade the material. Milling can take up to 10 times longer to remove what is needed to create the desired form.

The V W Broaching Service Advantage

Components and parts with external slots and forms are only as precise as the broaching tool. That’s where V W Broaching comes in. We provide highly-specialized, high-quality broaching tools that are custom-crafted to your exact specifications, that are sharp, and are ready for high-speed performance.

Serving your industry

External slot broaching is utilized by an array of industries to produce large quantities of highly-precise components in a short period of time. These industries include:

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