Deep Slot Broaching

For superior deep slot broaching, depend on V W Broaching Service.

Combining superior, proprietary tooling processes with decades of industry experience, V W Broaching Service delivers high-quality deep slot broaching services for almost every kind of component – from customized fasteners to long lock cylinders.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company and one of the largest specialty machine shops in the Midwest, V W Broaching Service offers highly precise, expertly executed and rigidly tested deep broaching services that meet the exacting specifications and needs for clients of all sizes – from the smallest shop to the biggest industry.

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What is deep slot broaching?

Deep slot broaching is broaching any internal or external form where the depth is three times greater than the width.

Deep slot broaching is the fastest way to remove material from a part or product. Deep slot broaching is more efficient and economical than CNC machining, turning or milling, which are a very slow, cumbersome, inefficient processes that can vastly degrades the material. Milling can takes up to 10 times longer to process.

Any material that can be traditionally machined can be efficiently broached. Deep slot broaching can be used on a wide variety of materials including:

  • Low carbon steel
  • Low alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Any material with a 38 Rockwell hardness or lower
  • Plastics

Deep Slot Broaching Applications

Deep broaching services is used by a wide range of industries and for hundreds of products including:

  • Custom fasteners
  • Screwdriver slots
  • Retaining slots for springs
  • Springs
  • Winding shafts
  • Lock cylinders
  • Lock Barrels
  • Winding mechanisms
  • Retaining mechanisms
  • Castle nuts

The V W Broaching Service Advantage

V W Broaching has the expertise, experience and equipment to provide high-quality deep slot broaching services.


Depending upon the amount of material to be removed, the depth of the cuts to be made, the complexity of the cuts, and the tolerances allowed, a machine is selected based upon its length of stroke, tonnage and speed.

V W Broaching Service has the proper equipment to do deep slot broaching – machines with a 120-inch stroke, capable of quickly and precisely producing deep slots almost three or four times greater than the width of a form. There are very few machines in the country like the ones used by V W Broaching. Instead of making several passes to create a deep slot, our machines can produce deep slots more effectively and efficiently.


Deep broaching services is not limited to a straight slot – complex forms can require deep slots of multiple dimensions. V W Broaching Service can provide any and all types of deep slot broaching on any internal shape or form. Our highly-trained, expert operators handle every single piece with care.


Over the years, V W Broaching Service has become prodigiously proficient at deep slot broaching – we are very, very good at it. Our proprietary tooling and processes for deep slot broaching stem from more than 100 years of combined experience of our expert staff.

V W Broaching Service has operated for more than 60 years, serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, biomedical, automotive, home appliances, hand tools, government, consumer goods, and more.

Delivering the service you deserve

V W Broaching provides the exemplary service to completely satisfy your most challenging broaching needs.

  • Deliver high quality work
  • Fully support products
  • Protect and enhance your investment

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