True–Grip Collets

Use your 3-Jawed chucks to hold square stock with no machine change-overs.

V W Broaching Service presents its patented invention, which will precisely center any square stock in a 3-jawed chuck or mating collet without removing or replacing the chuck. The True–Grip collets chuck adapter or CNC collet chucks are a cylindrical piece of hardened and ground steel. It's slightly slotted and sprung, with undercut corners, so that the square stock can be inserted freely. When the 3-jawed chuck is tightened, the chuck adapter grips the square stock, and exerts equal pressure on all sides, holding it securely in alignment with the center of rotation.

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CNC Collet Chuck Sizes

A basic set of adapters includes 1", ¾", ½", and ¼" sizes - packed in its own specially molded case. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. Contact us for more information.

True-Grip Collet Features

CNC Collet Chucks

Precision ground flange prevents 'push-through' into spindle cavity, and holds true perpendicularity.

CNC Collet Chucks

Each set of True-Grip Chuck Adapters is packaged in its own specially molded storage case.

CNC Collet Chucks

Corners are undercut for easy entrance of material, and each adapter is slotted and slightly sprung.

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